Monday, July 11, 2011 Video Clips. Duration : 1.42 Mins.

I am applying for a Pepsi Refresh Grant to fund the "American Taste" project. It's about this: "Show me what you eat and I'll show you who you are." (Brillat Savarin) Food is the most universal human experience. We eat to feed ourselves, entertain and create; yet, around the world every pot roast is different, every loaf of bread unique in a way that reflects the personality, taste and culture of its maker. By sharing such meals, we learn more about each other than any textbook can offer. The "American Taste" project is a way to bring to life these unique personal stories within the context of America. By recording and making available online 250 favorite childhood food memories of Americans, I hope to educate not only our country, but the world at large on the diversity and unique flavor of American culture. The plurality of our country can be a great strength when embraced. "American Taste" has as a goal to share the true taste of this society, revealing just how delicious a melting pot can be. Deliverables: Once recorded, I will develop a searchable web archive of these memories that redefines the "cookbook". Instead of searching for "ingredients", you'll search by "event, emotion or location." It's a new way of relating to food. Each of us has a personal story, just like we have a unique "recipe". Together these "recipes"/personal stories make up culture. By knowing more about each other we can exist better as a society. American Taste has as a goal to educate our ...

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