Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nutella - a decadent final relaxation

One of the best chocolate is available in the world today is a product called Nutella. If you've ever tasted, then I invite you to stop what they're doing at this moment and rush to your local supermarket to buy a boat. It's so good! Oh, and while you're at it, better buy two because one bottle is never enough.

Mr. Pietro Ferrero, a pastry chef and founder of the Italian company Ferrero, invented this decadent delight. Even more incredible is the fact thatinvented in 1940, while World War II devastated Italy. He managed to acquire a limited amount of chocolate for food rationing. To broaden its final offer, mixing chocolate with hazelnuts raised in excess supply in the Italian region of Piedmont.

Bread Maker

Ferrero produces chocolate hazelnut spread and baked in a loaf of bread. Next, wrap the bread in foil and sold. He called the pain au chocolat "Pasta Gianduja" after a famous carnivalregion. Then the mother began to buy bread for their children and helped them piece by piece. Children are children, however, refused the bread and went straight for the chocolate.

Always to recognize a golden opportunity, Mr. Ferrero always the bread and began selling chocolate in a bowl. He changed the product name "Supercrema Gianduja". Products has become a huge hit almost instantly. Italians have discovered that this is an inexpensive way to enjoy a decadenttreated. During the 1940 and 1950 a kilo of chocolate was six times the cost of a kilo of Supercrema Gianduja. He grew in popularity so quickly that Italian food stores started a service called "strawberry". Children can go to your local grocery store with a slice of bread to a free society "smear" the big cream. In the 1960s, the product was renamed Nutella.

Its popularity has spread to encompass the world. Several years ago we could not find the product in Italyspecialty stores as imports. It is now available in the lobby of the peanut butter in supermarkets in North America, selling all brands of peanut butter combined!

There are many companies that have tried to copy the chocolate-hazelnut treatment and even tried a few. However, they all pale in comparison with Nutella. So do not waste your money. A jar of Nutella that costs almost $ 5.00 in the store. And if you think it's expensive - think again. It takes three hours for Ferreroproduce a batch of Nutella. This is a very refined, an amazing process, so the selling price of a reasonable value for the quality and care it takes to make the product.

If you are able to read and understand Italian, you can visit the home page in 1000 when Nutella Nutella recipes are readily available. These are a bookmark of my favorites.

Nutella I have translated the recipe for you next month. Enjoy!

After Shake Nutella sports



1 banana

150 grams of Nutella

300 grams of whole milk

50 grams cream

Milk, cream, half the bananas and Nutella in a mixer. Mix for 2 minutes. Serve in tall glasses and garnish with remaining banana.

Nutella - a decadent final relaxation

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