Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Unwanted Awareness:EPISODE 2 whos eaten the bread?

Unwanted Awareness:EPISODE 2 whos eaten the bread? Video Clips. Duration : 5.58 Mins.

Kyle is having fun on the internet when joe bursts through the door telling him that some one has eaten the bread joe declares that it was Muffin the puffin who had eaten the bread so kyle questions him muffin declines that he did it and blames snakeips.Snakeips is innocent but to escape he assaults kyle which is the last thing he should have done so kyle kills Snakeips the muffin the puffin desides to confess what he did.Then joe3 throws muffin the puffin hard breaking the radiator in the process... Muffin the puffin then teleports into kyles hand and kyle throws him over his head and says hello. This took about half a hour to make i used a sony camcorder and windows movie maker Joe as himself joe as kyle epsiode 4 should be online on wednesday the 16th of june 2010 and most likly will be so i will write it on the day i realse this the next day i shall film it then the next day i will realease the new vid!!!

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