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16 Different Ways to Prepare Eggs

The most used ingredient in our home has to be the egg. Thank goodness these things are considered good for you otherwise we would be in a heap of trouble. I am going to list some of the ways we use eggs in our every day meal plan.

Fried sunny side up. If I ever break a yolk when making eggs this way, I end up eating them, over easy to keep the disappointment to a minimum. Fried over easy or hard. I have learned to like my eggs this way from breaking egg yolks. My kids like their yolks hard. Stir fried. They don't know it but I put eggs right into my Asian stir fry. Scrambled whites mixed with baking powder. We did this when we were on the low carb diet. Scrambled with milk. You can not beat milk if you are adding cheese to your eggs. I like to use 1oz per egg. Scrambled with sour cream. I saw this on a food show and had to try it. Poached soft and hard the adults like the eggs poached soft, the kids like the yolk hard. Hard boiled for salads. When I want protein in my salad I use hard boiled eggs that I slice thin. Hard boiled and deviled. Once a year they get deviled. Hard Boils for egg salad. I could eat egg salad sandwiches every day. Yokes for Caesar salad dressing. The best dressing does not come in a jar. You know what I mean if you make your own already. Pancakes, My daughter likes her pancakes with double eggs so that is how we all eat them. Waffles, no point messing with success so we use a lot of eggs in waffles too. Meat loaf, all great meat loaf has egg in it. Hamburger patties. I was once told that if you use bread crumbs to keep your hamburger patties together then it is meat loaf. Egg is a great binding agent to keep it all together. Baked in a quiche. A baked quiche full of meat is an awesome way to start the day or end a day!

Bread Maker

Some of the ways we use eggs comes from not wanting to waste anything. When I learned how to make Caesar Salad I had to do something with the egg whites. Adding the to scrambled was a great way to use them, so was putting the into a stir fry. This list is the top 16 ways we use eggs in our house, I am sure you list is different from mine.

16 Different Ways to Prepare Eggs

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16 Different Ways to Prepare Eggs

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