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Freezing Meat

Deep freezing meat, poultry and game is easy, economical and very convenient.

Attention farmers do not make the mistake of freezing meat too soon after butchering, a mistake which causes the toughening of meat. Always hang beef and large wild game carcasses in a chiller or refrigerator for approximately 6-10 days before cutting up, packaging and freezing. Hang pork and veal for approximately 24-36 hours. As for mutton always allow 2-4 days and lamb 1-2 days. Hanging meat before packaging to freeze always improves the texture and flavor.

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Important Points:-

Freezing Meat

1. Always use good quality packaging materials to prevent meat from drying out.
2. If large quantities of meat are to be stored for long periods, I recommend the addition of mutton cloth covers tied firmly over the first wrapping, which will prevent damage to the airtight seal. Damage can be caused through the heavy solid blocks of meat banging together when a particular package is being located.
3. Labeling is a must, if chaos is to be avoided, for many items look alike when frozen. Always label clearly with the contents, date and quantity.

To prevent steaks and chops sticking together when freezing, place a double layer of plastic or waxed paper or a single layer of aluminum foil between each item. Place into a strong plastic or polythene bag and remove the air before sealing and freezing. An alternative method is simply to place chops and steaks onto a smooth flat tray, place tray into the freezer without a cover and freeze for approximately 2 hours. Once frozen, remove from tray and package into strong plastic or polythene bags. Remove the air and seal tightly then return to freezer. Items frozen by this method before packaging will not stick together. This is a great advantage to the busy housewife, as it is not necessary to thaw the food before cooking. Cooking meat from the frozen state seals in the juices.

I always coat lamb cutlets and veal steak for schnitzel with egg and breadcrumbs before freezing. Place a layer of plastic between each coated cutlet or veal steak then pack in a plastic bag, remove air, seal and freeze.

Poultry should always be plucked, cleaned and chilled in a refrigerator for at least 16-18 hours before packaging for freezing. Wash giblets separately. Insert inside the dressed bird. Wrap the entire bird in strong plastic or place in a polythene bag, remove the air and seal and freeze. To freeze pieces of poultry, bring the bird to the boil first to make it easier to cut neatly. Cut into pieces and packages as for steak and chops. Portions of poultry may also be dipped in egg and breadcrumbs before freeze and package in a plastic bag in the usual way. Thaw poultry portions for at least 2 hours at room temperature before cooking. Whole birds are best thawed completely before cooking.

Game should be bled, cleaned and chilled as soon as possible after the kill. Always hang large carcasses 8-10 days before cutting up like beef. Freeze smaller game whole or in portions like poultry (see above).

Freezing Meat

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