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What is gluten and why bother?

Gluten is a substance composed of protein found in wheat flour that gives bread its structure, strength and texture. Without these wonderful little proteins, bread would not be bread. This also explains why it is so difficult to make bread from rice, potatoes, oats or wheat flour and this must be added to rye flour to wheat bread has just enough protein. The gluten makes the bread.

Develops the gluten in the dough when the proteins absorb water and are produced andstretched in the mixing process. Because proteins are processed, they become long and flexible chains. As the yeast produces gases in the dough, the carbon dioxide for the most part, these strands trap the gas bubbles and expands the dough. When we put the bread in the oven, the gluten chains coagulate or consolidate much of the protein in eggs solidifies as the egg cooks.

Bread Maker

How do we use flour to make a cake that is both tender and firm sweet French bread? Gluten is a difference. In a cake,we want little gluten development. In a soft bread, we want a high percentage of well-developed gluten. We can control the texture of our baked goods by changing four conditions:

What is gluten and why bother?

1. The selection of flour, cake flour is "weak" or "mild" and low protein content, probably around 8%. Bread flour and high gluten flours are "strong" and usually have a protein content of 12-14%.

2. Total fat: Any fat is seen as a reduction, as it shortens the glutenstrands. It does so by lubricating the fibers so they do not stick together. Shortening in the dough softer and less fibrous than the product will be.

3. Amount of liquid: Gluten must have liquid to absorb and grow. If the dough does not have enough liquid, the gluten does not intend to build and product will not be polite. That's why we put a minimum amount of water in pie crusts.

4. Mixing Methods: In general, more of a dough or batter is mixed, the gluten moredevelops. Tender muffins use low protein flour and mix until the moisture is absorbed, while the bread is kneaded for a relatively long time.

What is gluten and why bother?

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