Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Atlas Pasta Machine Attachments - Review

The great thing about the Atlas Pasta Machine is that they have so many attachments that one machine can do the work of 10 or more. The attachments are just as resilient and time tested as the pasta makers themselves. All of the attachments are made by the Marcato family in Italy with the same care and precision as their Atlas Pasta Machine. It is not uncommon for the Atlas Pasta Machine attachments to last as long as the pasta maker itself. A lifetime.

As long as I can remember, homemade pasta has been a tradition in my family. In fact I cannot remember a single holiday spent with my family that we did not have some sort of homemade pasta dish including homemade sauce, bread and meatballs. My mother recently gave me her Atlas Pasta Machine wellness 150 so that she could upgrade to the one with the motor. My pasta definitely does not come out as good as my mothers but I have fun trying.

Bread Maker

Types of Attachments

There are just about as many attachments available as there are types of pasta. Here is a list of the ones that I know of.

1. Atlas Ravioli Attachment
2. Atlas Lasagna Attachment
3. Marcato Angel Hair Attachment
4. Marcato Spaghetti Attachment
5. Atlas Raviolini Ravioli Attachment
6. Atlas Linguini Attachment
7. Marcato vermicelli Attachment

And I am sure that the list goes on!

I recently bought the ravioli maker and am really pleased. I am yet to get into any recipes that take any skill but me and the dog are fans of my three cheese and sausage raviolis!

Atlas Pasta Machine Attachments - Review

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